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Now You Can Quote & Sell Life Insurance  In Under 3 Minutes.

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1 Why Choose Us?

 3 Minute E-Application

Yes under 3 minutes!!! Just enter basic information about your client such as name & birthdate and we handle everything from there. — Read more

Over 30 A Rated Carriers

Get access to over 35 of the top carriers in the world, some which are pictured here.

— Read more

Save Time, Increase Profits

Time is too expensive to waste, especially on things that others can do more efficiently. We do the work, you collect the check.— Read more

2 Our 3 Minute Life App

Use your Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone to enter basic information about your client such as name, birthdate, and beneficiary information into our 3 Minute Life App and we handle everything from there.

This means that you and your staff can avoid the 40 minutes of medical questions and 20 pages of paper applications by using our systems.

Once the basic info is in the system you are done until its time to complete the policy.  You no longer have to worry about anything else besides delivering the policy once all of the underwriting is completed.

Minute 1: Get A Quote

Enter Basic Client Info To Get An Instant Quote

Minute 2: Choose Carrier

Choose The Best Carrier & Rate For Your Clients Needs

Minute 3: Apply

Complete The Electronic Application Request

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Focusing on things that you are good at has never been more important. Your time is valuable and better spent working on your high premium P&C cases than chasing around requirements for a $50 per month term policy.  Being able to focus on what you are best at and still make money on lines of business  is one of the fastest paths to higher profits.

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